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Kingman Ag Services began when Connor Kingman partnered with Ted Sheely to create driverless tractors. With Kingman’s engineering background and Sheely’s 40+ years of farming experienced, they have created a potent partnership. Ted Sheely, owner of Azcal Management, is always thinking about the next several decades. When Ted was young, he worked at the Shannon ranch in which Dick Shannon was turning down a field to be put into cultivation for the first time and looked at Ted and said, “Ted, in 20 years this will be really good farmland, which is why we are making this investment now.” Dick was 92 years old when he said that, and that philosophy is one that Ted Sheely carries with him to this day. Ted Sheely structured his entire farm for water management optimization during SIGMA years before the legislation was even proposed knowing that it would inevitably happen. Ted was the first one to utilize RTK GPS in the USA on his tractors and with the labor shortage affecting California, is working to bring driverless tractors to the mainstream.


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